The Big Night In!

Saturday 5th of December 2020 – 9pm

This coming Saturday RMN Behaving Badly will be brining the traditional Nurses Christmas Night out to your living rooms, or wherever you might choose to pop your electronic device.

It has been the shittiest of shitty years – that is unless you got one of those lucrative contracts from Boris to produce PPE then never actually had to deliver on any of it. In that case you’ll be sitting in the Cayman Islands hoping that Ed & Stuart don’t track you down.

Lets all get together, raise our collective roofs & share our favourite tipple amongst those who have shared the Year of the Nurse & Midwife along with a global pandemic & a government who would be at home in Kindergarten.

So just to set the agenda, here is what we can’t offer you;

  • A mass produced Christmas dinner
  • A kiss from either Ed or Stuart under the mistletoe
  • A post-meal love-in with your bestie about how much you adore each other & how you inspire one another
  • An alcohol-fuelled, confidence boosted diatribe, directed right at your boss about why you should be a Charge Nurse*
  • At least 45 mins spent in the toilet holding your friends hair out of the toilet bowl

What we can offer you however is;

  • Top class laughter elicited by top comedy acts
  • Top quality banter between Ed & Stuart
  • A quiz that’ll be right up the street of any RMN
  • A competition for the tackiest Christmas decorations
  • Perhaps some Christmas songs
  • And the biggest reason of all, the chance to be amongst friends & colleagues

On the night we will be joined by Susan Morrison, John Scott & Susie McCabe.

We can’t stop you table dancing, no one can so go for it. Get your Christmas jumpers looked out, your Santa hats ready & lets have a night in like only RMNS and Nurses can.

*Although we might, you never know!

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