Its been a while………

Well folks, seems like 2020, the International Year of the Nurse & Midwife has been a doozy for each and every one of us. The year started off with such great promise, Nursing and Midwifery thrust into the forefront of the global community, reminding those who needed reminding of just how integral we are to a health, fit & vibrant world.

Covid-19 however, like some demented spin doctor thinking that the message wasn’t loud enough, descended upon our lives and made sure that the profession of nursing and our contributions to society would not be ushered off into the margins once more.

Through the whole sorry crisis we watch daily as politicians in Whitehall paraded themselves on our televisions using militaristic jingoism and patriotic rhetoric to “defeat the enemy”. Little did they know that to many of us they themselves were the enemy.

There will be time enough for us to dissect the failings of our leaders, the contributions of our peers and what we may have learned from a global pandemic.

In amongst the chaos, loneliness and testing times, we here at RMN Behaving Badly had some truly energising experiences with our series of #RMNBBLive events. Over 400 of you all joined us on three sperate occasions. We had comedy, we had music and we had debate. Joined by fabulous guests across three nights we explored the inequalities prevalent in our society whilst in the true nursing spirit found time to laugh together at the lighter things in life.

One of us had an election whilst another was offered a greater prize of health for their child only to have it plucked right from their families hands. The latter of these two scenarios puts firmly into perspective the fragile nature of life and the need to embrace what we have right in front of us.

As Covid-19 continues to rearrange our lives roadmaps like a Garmin sat-nav using out dated data, we have decided to stick our two fingers up at it all and revel in the silliness of it all.

In between lockdowns we had a soggy production meeting

On Saturday the 5th of December 2020 we will be hosting the #BigChristmasNursesNightIn (We may have to work on that handle). We want to bring our community together with humour and positivity. We will be hosting some fabulous comedians and plan to bring a little bit of the ‘Christmas Night Out’ to Zoom. So get your shot glasses ready, clear the table for some dancing and get the grumpy colleague who never goes out to cover your shift.

We will publish the link very soon along with some details of what to expect. We really want to get as many of you along as possible so please spread the word.

We understand that the World Health Organisation is extending the Global year of the Nurse & Midwife into 2021.We here at RMN Behaving Badly would suggest that they just DON’T.

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