Episode 20 – Yurt

Back with a brand new theme tune!

After an electoral hiatus, Ed & Stuart return with a new tune and less of an idea of anything that’s been happening in the real world.

What’s going on with pay and trades unions? What should we be doing as lefties and professionals? And what is Matt Hancock wearing?

All this and more in your brand new episode of RMN Behaving Badly

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2 thoughts on “Episode 20 – Yurt

  1. You two are openly marxists who are labour fanatics so it makes you look extremely bias and subsequently gives the RCN the appearance of being highly politicised duh!


    1. Ye gods, we’ve been found out! Since we’re not spokespeople for the RCN, that’s an odd conclusion to come to, particularly as we spend most of every episode complaining that the unions are to far to the right. Have a nice duh.


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