Episode 20 – Yurt

Back with a brand new theme tune!

After an electoral hiatus, Ed & Stuart return with a new tune and less of an idea of anything that’s been happening in the real world.

What’s going on with pay and trades unions? What should we be doing as lefties and professionals? And what is Matt Hancock wearing?

All this and more in your brand new episode of RMN Behaving Badly

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Episode 19 – with Nurses United

Welcome to Episode 19, where we interview our friends Rachel Ambrose and Anthony Johnson from Nurses United.

How does a new political campaigning group work? And what can every nurse do to get involved?

More info at nursesunited.org.uk

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Episode 18 – with Elizabeth Anionwu

In this extra-long episode, Stuart and Ed are joined by the esteemed Elizabeth Anionwu who, after her pioneering work on sickle cell anaemia, the Mary Seacole statue and appearing on Desert Island Discs, can now finally say she’s reached the lofty peak of being on our wee show.

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Episode 17 – Lockdown Comedown

This episode Stuart and Ed talk about the comedown from weeks of pandemic lockdown, the challenges for nursing and public health until eventually they just lose it at the sheer ridiculousness of inept leadership and start giggling. It’s been a tough few weeks, after all… maybe we need that goat to come visit again?

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What’s Next?

As everyone starts to feel the vice of lockdown ease off just that little bit, Ed & Stu took some time to reflect on what the last few months has entailed for RMN Behaving Badly.

As Covid-19 engulfed the UK, everyone (other than the Government, the millionaire directors of a sports apparel retailer & a man who sells cut price booze) recognised that we would have to lock ourselves away. The public seemed to understand what was needed; it was time to think as a community rather than as individuals.

That was when the ‘live-pods‘ came into being, a mechanism to reach out to our RMNBB community. The plan was simple; bring people together at a time when isolation & loneliness began to take hold for many. When the pressure of work was becoming the new normal and when a good PRN laugh was required STAT!

Over the course of ten weeks we hosted 4 live events joined by an array of talented comedians John Scott, Susanne Morrison, Suzie McCabe & Lost Voice Guy (Lee Ridley). Murdo Mitchell, an outstanding young singer songwriter joined us, wowing the audience with his own material & sharing the Baldy Heid song (I’m working on forgiving him – Ed).

Our most recent guest Darren McGarvey, award winning author of Poverty Safari, spoke passionately and eloquently about his views on the socio-political landscape of the UK. Darren highlighted what might be done to better engage those communities abandoned on the periphery of capitalism, and the ways in which we Mental Health Nurses might gain greater insight into individuals living subject to the most appalling inequality.

Our fabulous group of Patrons have also grown since we launched our Patreon page in May. With 27 regular patrons & several associated private sponsors (sadly nothing from Highland Park yet…) we are now able to sustain our communication networks, develop our technology & pay guests for their time & talent.

As the world powers on regardless of Covid19 and the vast inequalities on our society are laid bare, Ed & Stu are keen to use RMN Behaving Badly as a means of positively influencing the social, political & environmental landscape for MH Nurses & the communities we work within.

Inequality manifests itself in so many forms, some subtle, others overt. The distressing & utterly heinous acts perpetrated upon the late George Floyd (tragically only the most recent in a litany of discriminatory extrajudicial executions) has brought to the fore the grotesque presence of racism in our society, our profession & institutions. It would be inconceivable to allow the momentum generated by the Black Lives Matter movement to be lost.

As a member of the Nursing family, MH Nurses know only to well the variances in treatment & application of the law often elicited upon BAME patients. We are also sorely aware of the disproportionate number of our Nursing Brothers & Sisters who have lost their lives whilst caring for people throughout the pandemic, our thoughts are with them, their families, friends & colleagues.

As RMN Behaving Badly grows, so Ed & Stuart want to ensure that we can do more than just bring these issues to the fore, debate them & challenge them; we want to develop a tangible response to tackling inequalities wherever they may be found.

We have yet to discuss the blight of homelessness, the state of prison care & its inherent lack of rehabilitation, or the connections between drug dependency, drug deaths & disillusionment of so many citizens in the UK. We need to talk about services for children, those with complex needs and raising the profile of nurses in care provided. And we need to talk about making nurses’ voices louder and more persuasive than the truth-twisting perpetuators of the status quo (And Status Quo as well, they have a LOT to answer for – Ed).

To help us take our next steps we will be hosting a Patron Chat in the very near future to draw on their experiences & expertise. We hope to harness their input to develop a manifesto; a ‘road-map’ if you will of where we can take RMN Behaving Badly & upon what we will focus our energies. We might even collate it into a little red book…

Stay safe, don’t forget to subscribe, and we’ll speak to you soon.

Stuart & Ed

Episode 16 – with Darren McGarvey

Stuart and Ed are joined by award-winning author and rapper Darren McGarvey (aka Loki) to discuss his book “Poverty Safari” and the intersection of inequality, poverty and mental health in this dynamic and thought-provoking episode.

You can join in the debate about mental health nursing and social issues by following us on Twitter @RMNBBpodcast, @StueyMcKenzie and @EdFreshwater.

Darren is on Twitter @lokiscottishrap, his website is darrenmcgarvey.com his award-winning book Poverty Safari is available from Luath Press, and is also available on Audible.

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RMN Behaving Badly – LIVE! with Darren McGarvey

Saturday 13th of June 9pm

Register for free here.

This episode has been several months in the planning & we are both delighted to be able to host author, political commentator & musician Darren McGarvey aka Loki onto the next Live! instalment of RMN Behaving Badly

As Mental Health Nurses, we both feel strongly that the voices of the people & communities who often rely upon the care & expertise of the services that we work in should be reflected in the topics we discuss.

In his award-winning book Poverty Safari – Understanding the Anger of Britain’s Underclass, Darren invites the reader to understand the world as reflected from the view point of child, adolescent & young man growing up in a society beset with inequality. He tells his story in his own words. Whilst set in Glasgow in the 1990’s onwards, Darren’s account of everyday life living on the periphery of capitalism & commerce, could easily be any city in Britain today, and he tells it without apology or reverence.

The publication of the Marmot Review 10 Years On in February 2020 was a stark reminder that these inequalities persist today, and the lip service paid by politicians is worth no more than a poster on the side of a bus during a referendum campaign.

Darren will spend the show with us discussing his lived experiences & his observations of the current socio-political landscape. We invite listeners to spend some time with us in the company of Darren as we explore what we as Mental Health Nurses can do to combat the prejudices & stigma actively directed at the most vulnerable & excluded citizens within our society.

To find out more about Darren & his work you can visit his website https://darrenmcgarvey.com/

Join us for what we are sure will be an entertaining & thought provoking show with a guest whose eloquence & insight is unrivalled. We welcome listener questions – before the show send them to dog@rmnbehavingbadly.co.uk and use the chat box in Zoom once the meeting starts.

The event is free but registration is required. Click here to register.

This show is made possible by our patrons who give each month to support the work of RMN Behaving Badly. You can find out more by visiting Patreon.com/RMNBehavingBadly

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Episode 15 – LIVE! with Lee Ridley & Murdo Mitchell

If you want the show with pictures, goats and all the mistakes…

Stuart and Ed talk mental health, nursing and politics, and are joined for this free live show by acclaimed singer/songwriter Murdo Mitchell and Britain’s Got Talent winner Lee Ridley, aka Lost Voice Guy.

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You can buy Murdo’s CD by punting a tenner to him at paypal.me/MurdoMitchell and he’ll even pay the postage.

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Join us again on June 13th where we’ll be joined by acclaimed rapper and author Darren McGarvey; we’ll be talking inequality, mental health, and probably mentioning Liaison Coordinators. If you want to be fully prepped, buy his book Poverty Safari right now and send in your questions.

Episode 14 – with Andrea Spyropoulos

Stuart & Ed are joined by legendary nurse leader Andrea Spyropoulos. We’re talking about nurse activism, where we’ve been, where we are and where we need to go.

We’re hosted on a new platform – Anchor.FM from those nice people at Spotify, where you can find and subscribe here: https://anchor.fm/rmnbehavingbadly.

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Mental Health Awareness Week

Monday the 18th of May until Sunday the 24th of May is Mental Health Awareness Week & it’ll be sure to bring a spotlight on the importance of mental health & wellbeing through public engagement via all media platforms.

The theme this year is ‘kindness’ and lets face it, the world could do with a little more of that right now. The problem is, however, that its the same people constantly being kind. Its the same professionals’ commitment & dedication that is conflated with kindness & heroism when in fact it is their job.

In many ways for those of us who are nurses, our person centred approach to care is taken for granted by politicians, bureaucrats & the like. We are asked to be kind this Mental Health Awareness week but what does that really mean for those of us who have cared for people day in, day out & witnessed first hand the system perpetuated by politicians being unkind to our patients?

Yes, kindness is important & absolutely there are measurable benefits garnered from kindness, to both giver & receiver. But what ifs just the same people being kind all the time, chipping away at some immovable force of consumerism & capitalism?

Nursing has born the front of Corona Virus heavily & many of our brothers & sisters have paid dearly with their lives. Our colleagues from the BAME community have delivered care despite the alarming and disproportionate number of them succumbing to the virus. Who will do them a kindness, who will do any of these nurses a kindness, who has the power or authority to change anything?

For our patients & citizens who rely on Mental Health services live with moderate to severe conditions which impede & challenge their lives daily. No kindness was shown to them through the implementation of Austerity, no consideration was given to them when Social Welfare reforms actively resulted in homelessness of the most venerable & an increase in child poverty.

It wold seem counterinitiative of a Pod such as ours to decry Mental Health Awareness Week, so lets be clear, that’s not what we are doing. Neither are we suggesting that we shouldn’t embrace kindness. What we are saying is that we should be mindful that whilst kindness can begets kindness, that there is no replacement for dignity & respect.

This Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, we here at RMN Behaving Badly would like all of our listeners to be kind to themselves first and foremost. Take that moment to reflect on just how amazing you are, how influential you are & how important you are.

We would like to extend our kindness to the people who require our services & interventions & remind them that we as nurses would be nothing without them, that many of us would rather see our roles redundant, their symptoms cured & the days of the Mental Health Nurse deemed unnecessary.

Until then lets all appreciate one another every day, being mindful that kindness has two happy bedfellows, dignity & respect.