RMN Behaving Badly – LIVE! with Darren McGarvey

Saturday 13th of June 9pm

Register for free here.

This episode has been several months in the planning & we are both delighted to be able to host author, political commentator & musician Darren McGarvey aka Loki onto the next Live! instalment of RMN Behaving Badly

As Mental Health Nurses, we both feel strongly that the voices of the people & communities who often rely upon the care & expertise of the services that we work in should be reflected in the topics we discuss.

In his award-winning book Poverty Safari – Understanding the Anger of Britain’s Underclass, Darren invites the reader to understand the world as reflected from the view point of child, adolescent & young man growing up in a society beset with inequality. He tells his story in his own words. Whilst set in Glasgow in the 1990’s onwards, Darren’s account of everyday life living on the periphery of capitalism & commerce, could easily be any city in Britain today, and he tells it without apology or reverence.

The publication of the Marmot Review 10 Years On in February 2020 was a stark reminder that these inequalities persist today, and the lip service paid by politicians is worth no more than a poster on the side of a bus during a referendum campaign.

Darren will spend the show with us discussing his lived experiences & his observations of the current socio-political landscape. We invite listeners to spend some time with us in the company of Darren as we explore what we as Mental Health Nurses can do to combat the prejudices & stigma actively directed at the most vulnerable & excluded citizens within our society.

To find out more about Darren & his work you can visit his website https://darrenmcgarvey.com/

Join us for what we are sure will be an entertaining & thought provoking show with a guest whose eloquence & insight is unrivalled. We welcome listener questions – before the show send them to dog@rmnbehavingbadly.co.uk and use the chat box in Zoom once the meeting starts.

The event is free but registration is required. Click here to register.

This show is made possible by our patrons who give each month to support the work of RMN Behaving Badly. You can find out more by visiting Patreon.com/RMNBehavingBadly

Upon registering, your email address will be added to our mailing list. If you’d rather not hear from us (no spam, no sales ever) then just send an email to dog@rmnbehavingbadly.co.uk

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