RMN Behaving Badly – LIVE! with Lost Voice Guy & Music from Murdo Mitchell

Saturday 30th May 9pm on Zoom



  hours  minutes  seconds


Live Pod Number 3

With the four nations of the UK going their own ways in terms of Lock Down and Matt Hancock reminding us that we are all loaded after our bumper pay rises (15% no less!), we thought it would be a good idea to have a third FREE Live-Pod to reflect on the chaos.

Stu & Ed want to continue to bring the RMN BB community together again building on the success of the most recent Live Pod with Susan Morrison & Susie McCabe. This time however, they’ve ‘changed things up’.

Comedy is still at the heart of what’s on the agenda and, like the Live-Pods before, the acts working with us won’t leave listeners disappointed. Now it should be noted that we knew our first guest before Simon Cowell, and he’s been a friend to our profession for way longer than Amanda Holden.

Lee Ridley, known to many as Lost Voice Guy won Britain’s Got Talent in 2018, wowing the public in the process. Lee mixes his life experience with political satire & observations to hilarious effect so we are confident that once again that he will be a hit with our listeners.

Lee has recently launched his book and we will be giving away a signed copy to one lucky member of the Live Pod audience. His book tells of his remarkable journey to the top of UK comedy, radio & TV. We would certainly recommend it so here’s a link – we are sure he could be persuaded to sign some more copies. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Im-Only-Parking-laughter-priority/dp/1787631478

You can find out more about Lee at his website https://lostvoiceguy.com/

If you would like to submit a question to Lee then email to stu@rmnbehavingbadly.co.uk or ed@rmnbehavingbadly.co.uk

Our second guest on our third Live Pod will see the introduction of a live acoustic music set by one of the foremost live performers on the London live music scene. Murdo Mitchell‘s performances have been recorded by hundreds of people in and around London and his own videos on YouTube have seen well of 500k viewings.

He is lead singer in the well established indie-pop-rock outfit Delphi but on the 30th May it will be Murdo doing his solo material and perhaps some covers for you to sing along with from the comfort of your own home.

Well known for his passionate & committed approach to performing we that you’ll all enjoy this addition to the pod. Murdo will be able to take orders for his CD & we would encourage folks to invest in a copy; this young man is going places.

Murdo can be found on his socials, like all the young folks; https://www.facebook.com/Murdo-Mitchell-Music-125130304246180/

To get you in the mood though here are a couple of videos to give you a sneak preview of what’s to come https://www.youtube.com/user/murdoM75

We would also like to thank our Patrons who have given us their support via Patreon to ensure that we have the means to bring this show to you all free & live with such talented artists. If you would like to contribute to the development of our Community then click on this link https://www.patreon.com/RMNBehavingBadly

Our aim is to remain informative, relevant, funny & free so if you feel that’s something you can chip in with to help us reach a bigger audience then come join us.

To register for the utterly FREE Live Pod on Saturday the 30th of May click here, in the meantime be safe & thanks for following us.

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